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Many people have some memory loss. If your memory has been slipping, you will probably want to find a cure. When the doctor tells you that "it's OK, it’s normal in aging”, and then you get some medication or an herbal supplement to help. It seems like nothing is really working and you are concerned that the diagnosis may not be correct. The drugs have side effects as well. There may be no concrete knowledge of why your memory is in decline. Everyone goes through this process as they age.

Alzheimer’s is the key word for all of us having memory issues. If you forgot a name for a while, or forget something at the store, that is not Alzheimer’s. It probably is an issue we all have and that is probably “vascular disease”. The arteries get a bit rigid and the lessened oxygen and the lower blood flow is just what may be the issue. An MRI and MRA of the brain and the blood vessels and the cerebral fluid flow are important to diagnose this. Lack of oxygen is the major contributor to memory loss. Hyperbaric treatments can aid in the increase of oxygen in the cerebral fluid and helping with memory loss. It is hoped that Alzheimer’s symptoms may be slowed as well


Dr. Neubauer was a pioneer:

He was instrumental in the uses of Hyperbaric oxygen!     As the world is becoming more industrialized it is also "going gray." Globally, the life span has reached a level of 63 years. Obviously, the geriatric population is growing; so are many detrimental effects of aging: strokes, heart attacks, dementia, arthritis, etc. Therefore improvement of quality of life becomes a real issue among millions of aging folks. The medical and scientific world has started taking a deep look into different therapeutic modalities to extend one's life and improve its quality: diets, nutritional supplementations, growth hormone therapy, cellular therapy, and chelation therapy among many others. Restoring brain functioning is one of many important goals of anti-aging therapies. Richard A. Neubauer, MD, one of the authors of this article suggested in the late 70s' that Hyperbaric Oxygen can stimulate a reactivation of the zone around a special region surrounding the central area of a stroke or brain injury site, known as "ischemic penumbra." The diminished oxygen supply to the "penumbra" is one of a few causes for the loss and inadequacy of bodily functions. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy may restore function in areas of the brain that are hypoxic (low in oxygen pressure) and are primarily vascular in origin. The ischemic penumbra of the surrounding zone may well be responsible for many of the symptoms, whichare reversible with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT), even in cases with onset 12-13 years prior to thetreatment.